Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Personal Liberty Is Our Birthright
But government is its negation. Article by Andrew P. Napolitano.

Osama’s Shelf of Interesting Books
I wonder what Obama’s looks like.

Militarization Is More Than Tanks and Uniforms
It’s a cultural disease, says John W. Whitehead.

The Next Step in the Global Meltdown
Europe will outlaw cash, says Martin Armstrong.

Fight for Your Freedom Before Its Gone
Larry LaBorde on the extirpation of folding money.

John Kerry Admits Defeat
Perhaps world war against Russia has been averted, says Patrick L. Smith.

The Best Shotgun on a Budget?
For home defense and hunting.

How To Resist
Government’s attack on cash. Article by Roger McKinney.

How Chivalrous Are You?
Do you extend the courtesies that bug feminists?

It’s Time to Hold More Cash
And buy gold to protect against a systemic crisis, says Mark O’Byrne.

The Best Thing for Your Survival Garden
Extreme composting, says David Goodman.

What’s Erythritol?
Another reason never to consume harmful sweeteners and sugar again.