Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Warren G. Harding’s Brilliant Do-Nothingness
How he cured a depression, unlike FDR et al. Article by Lew Rockwell.

Love Children?
Then hail the Industrial Revolution and fight the state, says Butler Shaffer.

Crazed Republican Spending
Laurence M. Vance on GOP crimes.

What Else Is the Regime Hiding?
In addition to the killing of Osama. Sputnik talks to Ron Paul.

China Buys Treasury Debt
Suckers!, says Gary North.

The Real Black Tragedy
Walter Williams on politicians, civil rights organizations, and the state.

Water Wars
Jim Rogers on what’s ahead.

Stop Resisting—Your Government Knows Best
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on forced, dangerous injections.

The Abolition of Cash
Martin Armstrong on the new age of economic totalitarianism.

Got 2 Minutes?
You can help save your life, says Dr. Victor Marchione.

Taki Does Hollywood
There may be a movie about his ribald, funny, astounding life.

Need a Quick Fix?
Margaret Durst on ramping-up your energy level.