Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Are White Cops the Problem in Black Neighborhoods?
No, it’s black criminals, says Walter Williams.

Your License Plate
And the NSA. Article by Gary North.

Gladio, Texas-Style?
Tony Cartalucci on the Garland shooting.

Will Europe Declare Its Independence?
Or be forced into a ginned-up war against Russia? Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

It’s a Cop Culture
So the Bill of Rights doesn’t mean a hill of beans, says John W. Whitehead.

Blogger Ben’s Basically Full of It
David Stockman on the horrendous Bernanke.

Get Your Assets Out of the Banks Now
Mark Nestmann on defending against negative interest rates and the war on cash.

Another Government Housing Bubble
Pumped like the last one, with the same result, says Jim Quinn.

What’s the Cash Value of Your Vegetable Garden?
Charles Hugh Smith calculates the return on investment.

Don’t Get Ripped-Off
Steve Lehto on lemon law and lemon lawyers.

The Celtic King Who Defied Rome
Caractacus, the freedom fighter. Article by Bryan Hilliard.

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