Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

10 Rules for Dealing With Cops
Steve Silverman on preparing yourself and others.

A New Libertarian Country in Europe
Lew Rockwell talks to the president.

Nazis on the Backlot
Philip Giraldi on how Hollywood warps our perception of war.

Sentimentality and Hardness of Heart
They’re two sides of the same welfare-state coin, says Theodore Dalrymple.

Pray For Graccident
It will trigger the demise of Keynesian central banking, says David Stockman.

Washington Protects Its Lies
With more lies, says Paul Craig Roberts.

Why Stocks will Crash
See these two charts, says Jim Quinn.

Arms Outstretched, a Terrified Mother and Child
Just before they were entombed by Mt. Vesuvius.

Another Precious Metal for Preppers
Cast iron cookware will last a lifetime, says Tess Pennington.

Magic Mushrooms
Eat more fungi to look and feel younger.

43 Quintillion Permutations
Professor Rubik on the making of his cube.

Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer
With these vitamins, says Dr. Joseph Mercola.