Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

The Saudi 9/11 Coverup
And the bribe-taking Hillary. Article by Roger Stone.

Left ‘Libertarians’ Hate Progress If It’s Unequal
Walter Block begs to differ.

Top 10 LRC Articles
Have you read the April winners?

A Military Takeover?
Ron Paul on “Jade Helm.”

Free Lives Matter
Scott Lazarowitz on solving Ferguson, Baltimore, and more to come.

Gold Manipulators Busted
Tyler Durden’s report on gold spoofing.

Welcome to Liberland
The world’s newest and most libertarian country.

Electric Cars Don’t Work
But propane or thorium propulsion? Wow, says Eric Peters.

Does Putin Have Inside Info on 9/11?
That upsets the official tale. Article by Martin Armstrong,

Stop the Police State’s Latest Scheme
They plan to track every car with a nationwide database.

10 Amazing Ancient Geoglyphs
Earth carvings are one of archaeology’s greatest mysteries.

Where Hitler’s Socialists Fought Stalin’s Communists
The great capitalist city of Berlin flourishes today.