Thursday, May 21, 2015

Progressive Defenses of Obamanomics Are Laughable

-Tom Woods Show
Supporters of Barack Obama say his economic record is actually quite strong, and that right-wingers simply can’t accept that. David Stockman, formerly of the Reagan administration, reduces these claims to rubble, and then destroys the rubble.

Among the issues covered:
  • Has Barack Obama been a great job creator?
  • Has Obama outperformed Ronald Reagan on job creation?
  • Is it true that the low labor force participation rate is just a function of retiring Baby Boomers?
  • Did “the sequester” interrupt Obama’s otherwise successful rejuvenation of the economy?
  • Would more infrastructure spending help the economy?
  • What has real investment growth been like?
  • Isn’t the booming stock market an indication that the president is on the right track?