Friday, May 1, 2015

Ron Paul and Talk Bitcoin

-Voices of Liberty
In an interview with Ania Amador of, Ron Paul shared his interest in Bitcoin as well as the questions he still has about the crypto-currency.
Paul asked, “Does Bitcoin fit the mold to be a challenge to the dollar or substitute for the dollar and maybe coming up with a vehicle that might serve the interests of people outside the realm of overregulation by our government?”

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“Absolutely,” Amador replied, and continued, “I know I am tired of working so hard for paper money that is constantly devalued and worth less as they continue to spend more of it. You know it’s not looking good, Ron. We definitely need an alternative. That’s what peaked my interest in the first place and I think that’s what is getting a lot of people on board with Bitcoin is realizing that this policy may not change in the near future as over-spending continues, and we’re going to need something that we can trust, that’s going to be able to maintain its value.”

Ron Paul noted that while Bitcoin has been around for at least five years, it’s only the last couple that he’s heard about it.
“Do you know of any event took it from being below the radar and all of a sudden an explosion?” Paul asked.

Ania Amador pointed out how the free market helped take Bitcoin to the next level. “I think that accepting bitcoins and several other big companies getting on board made a difference.”

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