Saturday, June 13, 2015

American Millennials Head for the Exits

-Ryan McMaken
This Week on Mises Weekends with Jeff Deist:
Demelza Hays, a Summer Fellow at the Institute and a graduate student of the Toulouse School of Economics in France, represents the new breed of young libertarians. Having grown up reading Rothbard, she’s already firmly in the anarcho-capitalist camp. And unlike her parent’s generation, she recognizes that America is far from the freest place on earth. Since her teenage years Demelza has developed an ex-pat mentality, living abroad both in India and France.

Demelza, like many anti-state Millennials, is serious about engaging in personal secession from the American leviathan. Now she’s preparing to become a resident of Liechtenstein and obtain a PhD in economics. Her academic interests, particularly in the area of blockchain technology and decentralized currencies, fit with her personal views and personal life.
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