Friday, June 5, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

The Massacre of Christians, Alawites, and Shiites
Patrick J. Buchanan on the future of Damascus.

The Empire Was Temporarily Defeated
Paul Craig Roberts on where.

Clown Car
Eric Peters on what the Chevy Vega did to GM and its customers.

Catastrophic Failures in Science
Then and now. Article by Alvin Lowi, Jr.

US Pro and College Sports Are Corrupt
Taki’s theory on why Tom Brady was singled out.

Feds can’t find 7 Fort Knox gold audits. Article by Koos Jansen.

10 Countries With No Militaries
And 10 with the worst.

Make a Vodka Watermelon Slushy
You only need 2 tools and 3 steps.

From the Torrid History of Absinthe
10 amazing stories.

15 common Expressions We Use
That mystify kids.

What’s Going on in Someone’s Head?
Eye movements reflect the workings of the brain.

Don’t Quit or Burn Out
Gaye Levy on 11 simple steps to successful prepping.