Friday, June 12, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

China Wants To Be a Prosperous Giant
But will the paranoid empire respond with war? Article by Eric Margolis.

March of the Feminist Bullies
Sarah Vine on the PC reign of terror.

Bilderburglar Harassment
Even the mainstream journalists get the treatment.

Race Trouble in the Streets
Patrick J. Buchanan wonders what candidate will copy Nixon on “law and order.”

The Gigantic Bubble
That may not need a pin to pop it, says Peter Schiff.

It’s here to stay, says Robert Ringer.

Prohibition on Wheels
How long before in-vehicle breathalyzers become mandatory?

Can You Instantly Identify a Misspelled Word?
Take the quiz.

Stop Cyber-Criminals
8 very helpful tips.

10 Alchemists
And their strange discoveries.

Big Food Mocks People Like Us
But we’re not buying their crummy products, says Daisy Luther.

Can You Spot a Stroke?
Look for these signs and act fast, says Dr. Victor Marchione.