Friday, June 19, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Are We Winning the Fight for Liberty?
Lew Rockwell joins Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams on Ron’s Liberty Report.

Despise the Beltway Elites?
Then you’ll love Trump, says Patrick J. Buchanan.

The Battering of Nobel-Prize Winner Sir Tim Hunt
Scott Lazarowitz on the reigning narcissists of cultural Marxism.

The Sci-Fi Establishment
It’s gone PC, says Allan Davis.

Feel Like You’re on the Titanic?
Marc Faber says you should.

Flickering Ecstasy
Taki on being young in summertime, when the neocons were irrelevant.

21 Home-School Resources
For all ages, from Beth Buck.

Looking For a Longer Jail Sentence?
Cooperate with the FBI, says Jill Vaglica.

Come and Take It
Tyler Durden on the real message of the Texas Gold Repatriation Bill.

Forecast, Hustle, and Conceal
Jeremiah Johnson on bartering in troubled times.

Are You Fascinated by Dinosaurs?
10 cool facts you should know.

Do You Suffer From Sinus Infections?
3 foods that will clean them out and kill the offending bacteria.