Friday, June 26, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

What Exactly Is Racism?
In reality. Article by Lew Rockwell.

Timeline to War
What precipitated WWII?

Too Good for Government Work
William Norman Grigg on the death of a Baton Rouge peace officer.

American Jacobins
Or are they Red Guards? Article by Patrick J Buchanan.

Forever Money Printing?
Mark O’Byrne on the scary reasons Ron Paul is right.

Want To Get Rid of Racist Flags?
Start with the American, says Adam Dick.

You’re Being Detained for Embarrassing the Feds
Customs agents to James O’Keefe. Article by Patrick Howley.

The Transabled
Robert Harrington on physically healthy people who seek to mutilate themselves.

America’s Corrupt Policing System
Whistleblower reveals a long list of atrocities.

No Vaccinations, No Religious School?
Dr. David Brownstein stands and fights.

Successful People Read
Books for the young and ambitious, and every other man. Article by Ryan Holiday.

The Fantasy Isle of Frisland Is Real
Evidence of massive codfish commerce proves the official historians wrong, says Gunnar Thompson.