Monday, June 22, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

The Impossibility of Ants
And other reasons to distrust Official Science. Article by Fred Reed.

Free Speech Replaced
With Orwell’s Newspeak and PC lynch mobs, says Theodore Dalrymple.

End School Bullying
The Gary North strategy.

The Big List of Drug-Induced Killers
Leo Hohmann on people prescribed mind-altering drugs.

There’s Turmoil Ahead
Jim Rogers explains what government has done to our money.

Who Runs the World?
The despicable central bankers.

‘It’s Time To Hold Physical Cash’
Joseph T. Salerno agrees.

How To Respond to the Oligarchy
And its useful idiots. Article by Robert Ringer.

Trump for President?
Well, maybe, says Paul Craig Roberts.

The EU and the Pope
Chistopher Booker on a sad world of make-believe.

Handy Household Uses for Vodka
Clean your toothbrush, kill weeds, remove rust, and more. Article by Joshua Krause.

The Strange Expertise of Burglars
And how to overcome it.