Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Lies the Government Tells You
To hide its vicious, widespread, unconstitutional spying. Article by Andrew P. Napolitano.

A Nation of Narcissists
And the hurt-feelings industry. Article by Scott Lazarowitz.

It’s where the big guns go.

Does a License Guarantee Competence?
Eric Peters on the government’s myth of authority.

Why Is the Evidence Missing?
A prior FBI relationship with the Boston bomber. Article by James Henry.

Life of Brian
Steve Sailer on genius Brian Wilson and the new Beach Boys biopic.

West Coast of North America To Be Slammed by 2016
With 80% as much Fukushima radiation as Japan.

Single-Sex Schools In Legal Limbo
Amid the transgender push. Article by Kerry Picket.

Cooking the Books
Top 5 reasons for misrepresenting financial performance. Article by Lance Roberts.

What’s the Month of Your Birth?
It can help determine your risk of illness.

The Cradle of Civilization
Bryan Hilliard on the stunning achievements of ancient Mesopotamia.

Heal Cavities Naturally
How to remineralize teeth without toxic dental products.