Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Can Scientists Think?
Not about meaning, consciousness, good, evil, death, love, and more, says Fred Reed.

American College Sports Are a Total Fraud
But Professor X has some ideas for fixing them.

Free Speech, RIP
Robert Ringer on the taking down of an anti-tyrannical principle.

Escaping the Matrix
John W. Whitehead on the 10 principles.

Improving Black Education
Does that mean blaming white people? Article by Walter Williams.

Driven to Distraction
Eric Peters on government electro-annoyances in cars.

The Elite Meet To Fool and Rule
The full list of attendees for the current Bilderberg conclave.

Worse Than the USSR
US rule in Latin America. Article by Robert Barsocchini.

Strengthen Your Concealed-Carry Defense
With these 6 essential drills.

The Mystery of Cape Cod’s Bourne Stone
Did Carthaginians reach the New England coast in 475 BC?

Men-Only Flights With Cocktails, Cigars, and Steak Dinners
The halcyon days of travel.

7 Signs You May Be Deficient
Dr. Joseph Mercola on the dangers of too little Vitamin D.