Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

Robert Higgs Moves to Mexico
A freer and much less belligerent country, he tells Lew Rockwell

Was Silk Road Heroic?
Both sides of the dispute.

Ukrainians Dispossessed
Americans are next, says Paul Craig Roberts.

Russians, Germans, Poles, and WWII
Linh Dnnh on wars past and future.

Thinking of Leaving?
Ryan McMaken on how government stops you (and your money) from departing.

The High Cost of a Little Fuel Efficiency
Eric Peters on what they’re not telling you about new cars.

The Left Is Outraged at Vince Vaughn
But he isn’t the only star who packs heat.

Did the Spooks Write the USA Freedom Act?
They sure love it.

Never Call the Cops for Help
You’re not too old to be killed by them.

First Cheryl’s Birthday, Now Hannah’s Sweets
Teens are stumped by a math question. What about you?

How Will We Communicate If the Grid Goes Down?
Joshua Krause on possible options.

It’s Time To Clean Them
Your liver and gallbladder.