Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

The Death of Forgotten Armies
Eric Margolis on France and WWII.

I Have No Confidence in the Dollar
But I own it, says Jim Rogers, because of the coming world turmoil.

Trade Your Lawn
For an antifragile food-generation machine, says David Goodman.

Just One False Flag Away
Bank runs escalate as Greeks fear a crime, says Tyler Durden.

The Evil Sauds
And their attempt to blame and destroy Iran. Article by Flynt and Hillary Leverett.

Are You an Nefarious Narcissist?
Take the Frank Underwood test.

The American Deep State
Charles Burris on understanding it.

They Don’t Mean What They Used to
These 20 words.

How To Remove a Tick Safely
Be ready. Summer’s here, and so are they, says Jeremy Anderberg.

Shingles and Nature’s Own Vaccine
Dr. Joseph Mercola on how chickenpox solves a lot of problems.

Atlantis Revealed
Christos Djonis on the discovery of Plato’s lost island.

What’s Keeping You Up?
Margaret Durst on natural paths to a good night’s sleep.