Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

The Real Reason for Flag Hysteria
To distract us from the schemes and crimes of the regime, says Tom DiLorenzo.

The Coming Great Default
Gary North on what we can learn from Keynes and the 1st Great Depression.

French Socialist Barbarians
They’re wrecking French food, a crime against humanity. Article by Eric Margolis.

Despicable US Intervention in China
Missionaries, crony businessmen, politicians, wars, and the forced opium trade.

We’re a Redneck Nation
Why give up the redneck flag, says Gavin McInnis.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
What happened to this wonder of the ancient world? Article by Stephanie Dalley.

Would You Eat School Lunches?
Pater Tenebrarum on the growing black markets in government schools.

10 Iconic Images
And the real stories behind them.

If the Queen Invites You
How to dress and act.

Eat Chocolate Every Day
To help keep heart attacks and strokes away.

The Ticket Camera Industry Versus You
Aided by corrupt cops and officials.

The Triumph of Medical Tyranny
The war on anti-vaxers’ parental rights and children goes live in California. Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola.