Monday, July 27, 2015

Homeschool Scheduling: Cut 500 Teaching Hours a Year With Online Videos

-Gary North
Most homeschool mothers shortchange themselves — in time rather than money.

They are young. They have not come to grips with reality: life is a trade-off between time and money. The cheaper you are in money, the more you must pay in time. Homeschool mothers don’t have much money, so they pay a heavy price in time.

They place a value on their time of about $1 an hour — or less. They would rather lose an hour than pay a dollar. They needlessly waste enormous amounts of time — at least 500 hours a year — because they value their time so little. We can see this waste in their homeschool scheduling: they do all the teaching, when a video-based curriculum does 99% of the teaching. They ignore the technological revolution in 21st-century education.

They trade off time as mothers for time as teachers — time they cannot afford to waste. They can never get this time back.

I have a solution, but I am having a difficult time selling it.

As a marketer, I am still searching for the #1 benefit of the Ron Paul Curriculum in the minds of potential buyers. Lately, I am testing this Google ad: