Friday, July 3, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Back to the Future
Gary North on what to do about bullies like Biff who dominate public schools.

I Could Enjoy July 4th
If it were Independence From the State Day, says Roger Young.

I’m Grateful to the EU
It ended the Franco-German wars, says Eric Margolis.

Good on You, Greece
But don’t waver now, says David Stockman.

How To Escape Obamacare
Colin Keeler on the Christian loophole.

The Coming Era of Pension Poverty
And entitlement cutbacks. Article by Charles Hugh Smith.

Celebrating the Freedoms We Don’t Have
Eric Peters won’t even grill a hotdog.

Time for Another Puppet Government
One that will grovel to Goldman Sachs.

Armed Highwaymen With Badges
10 especially egregious examples of civil-asset thievery.

10 Shocking Films
From the early days of Hollywood.

Antidepressants Don’t Work as Advertised
Yet 10s of millions take these mind-altering drugs, says Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Apocalypse in Waiting?
We’ll have up to 10 years of warning before the Yellowstone supervolcano blows.