Friday, July 10, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Free Immigration
It’s forced integration, says Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Neocons Hate the South
Though it provides the cannon fodder for their wars, says Paul Gottfried.

The Dastardly Fathers of the Euro
Truman and Churchill, says Thierry Meyssan.

Looking Back
Thomas Sowell on the blessings of his 85 years.

Where Are They Now?
Philip Giraldi on government mass murderers.

Is China Oversold?
The world’s 2nd largest economy will bounce back, says Clive Maund.

Boston Bomber Appeals Conviction
Do his lawyers know something we don’t?

Is There Gold at Fort Knox?
Or did the Fed sell it? Article by Joe Wolverton.

40 Flicks
For Prepper Movie Night, from Daisy Luther.

7 Steps To Liberating Your Home
Leo Babauta on the quick guide to decluttering.

Is Your Sunscreen Causing Cancer?
Ditch the chemical-laden products and go natural, says Tess Pennington.

Did China Discover America?
Ancient Chinese script carved into rocks may prove Asians lived in the New World 3,300 years ago.