Friday, July 17, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Was WWII the Good War?
John Denson talks to Lew Rockwell about why it wasn’t.

Ron Paul Beats CIA Neocon
Over US wars and interventionism. Article by Daniel McAdams.

Does The Fall Justify Government?
Of course not, says Paul Green.

Texas Launches Gold-Backed Bank
Challenging the Fed. Article by Alex Newman.

Pistols at Dawn?
Taki misses the days of duels.

My Family Is My Country
Not the murdering, thieving government, says Daniel Ameduri.

How Well do You Know Your Pasta Shapes?
Think you can tell your rigatoni from your radiatori? Take the quiz.

Did an Israeli Python Missile Destroy MH-17?
And cause the deaths of 298 people a year ago today.

The Cops’ Worst Kept Secret
Ticket quotas.

Welsh Strongman Lifts the Ancient Stone of Strength
Weighing an amazing 392 lbs.

Gagging the Nation
Christina Sarich on how government and cronies troll the internet.

What Color Are Your Nails?
What their shape, texture, and pigment can reveal about your body’s health.