Monday, July 6, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Family as Foundation
Versus the edicts of violent government.

Progressives Break Down Church-State Separation
William L. Anderson on the American Christian future.

Congress Must Protect Itself
From executive dictatorship, says Paul Craig Roberts.

The Founding Father of Neoconservatism
Ralph Raico on the evil of Trotsky.

Don’t Earn It, Steal It
Eric Peters on the business model of green America.

Corrupt Greek Pols
Taki remembers the source of the current troubles.

Cash Is King
In a world of artificial liquidity, says Nomi Prins.

Marc Faber Warns of Colossal Systemic Risk
Caused by Fed-fueled asset bubbles.

Militaristic Keynesianism
Does the US need a war every few years?

The Best Way To Tackle Terror?
Keep calm and carry on quietly, says Peter Hitchens.

The Military Occupation of the Southwest
A terrifyingly slippery slope of Jade Helm.

For Your Heart, Your Hormones, and Your Kids
Don’t eat food additives, says Edward Group.