Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Faith in Paper Currencies?
Peter Schiff says we’ll all want pieces of gold.

Take Cover
Wall Street is breaking out the bubblies, says David Stockman.

Down But Not Out
Gerald Celente on gold.

The Fact-Free Left
Thomas Sowell on fibbing progressives.

John McCain Is No Hero
His stunt almost sank an aircraft carrier, and caused injury and death to hundreds, says J. H. Holtz.

King of Las Vegas
Robert J. Ringer remembers Kirk Kerkorian, who just died at 98.

Federal Park Rangers Don’t Want You To Know
Thousands of people have gone missing, in bizarre, unexplainable circumstances. Article by Joshua Krause.

Forget Recession
There’s a full-blown global depression, says Tyler Durden.

Who’s Accountable?
Auto accident liability used to be simple. Not any more, says John Zaid.

‘We Meet Again, Mr Bond’
A guide to the Spectre trailer’s 007 movie references.

Bad Sleep Patterns Can Damage Your DNA
And cause diabetes and other illnesses.

Get Out Now or Prep for the Big One?
Major quake on SF’s Hayward Fault could happen any day.