Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Did God Establish Government?
Of course not, says Paul Green. He established the family.

The Empire’s Real Problem With Iran
Independence, says Paul Craig Roberts.

Are the Greek People To Blame?
Or is it the politicial-bankster complex?

Surprise, Surprise
Greek banks to remain closed. Joseph T. Salerno on what that means.

Buy Fear, Sell Greed
Jim Rogers on gold, oil, and Chinese equities (he’s eyeing them).

Our Googlized Future
Where the individual is irrelevant. Article by Eric Peters.

I Don’t Like Manhattan
And I don’t like its financial cardsharps, either, says Bill Bonner.

The Amazing FBI Trick
To avoid accountability. Article by Matt Connolly.

Take Shelter
An unexpected prepper movie with a surprising ending. Article by Joshua Krause.

Think Greece’s Economy Is the One in Trouble?
It’s China that’s facing financial meltdown and the biggest stock market crash since the Great Depression.

Top Corrupt Leaders in the World
Not counting Americans.

Convert Bad Fat into Good
The right fruit can do it, says Christina Sarich.