Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Can Donald Trump Win?
Fellow protectionist Patrick J. Buchanan says, maybe.

Concentration Camps in America Again?
The military-police state complex sure wants them. Aricle by Ron Paul.

New Injectable Cholesterol Drug
It may, unlike statins, save lives, says Bill Sardi.

The Cure for Racial Dishonesty
Walter E. Williams on preventing fakery.

Male Circumcision
It’s pure barbarism, and a vicious violation of a baby’s right to bodily integrity.

Iran Wants Business, Not Bombs
Charles Glass on 10 indications.

The Kagans
Necon power couple working for war without end. Article by Robert Parry.

The Old World Order Has Been Morally Defeated
Make that the ex-world order, says Dmitry Orlov.

Once More, the Mysterious Wound
In ancient Greece, and today, says Taki.

Don’t Wait Until You Have an Emergency
Jerry Reynolds on finding the right auto repair shop before you need it.

Shotgun Intimidation
Why the 12 gauge is the best for serious defense.

Got Arthritis?
Margaret Durst on natural relief for our #1 chronic disease.