Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

The Slaughterhouse of Freedom
John W. Whitehead on the American police state.

Most of the World’s Banks
They’re headed for collapse, says Doug Casey.

Theodore Dalrymple on what French Germanaphobia means for the EU.

The US Shot Itself in the Leg
By pushing Russia toward China, says Jim Rogers.

The Invention of Government
And the first politician, Nimrod. Article by Paul Green.

Trade Your Car in or Sell It Yourself?
Jerry Reynolds on getting the best deal.

The Creepy Neocon
And the horrific mess she made. Article by Robert Parry.

Will the Feds Curtail Your Right To Travel?
Mark Nestmann on how congress plans to lock you in.

How To Treat Your Teeth Right
Don’t brush up and down and never chew gum for more than 10 minutes.

The Fast Track To Ending Human Rights
California’s mandatory vaccinations going nationwide? Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Can You Withstand a Cyber Attack?
10 steps to prepare for a life-altering event. Article by Daisy Luther.

Act Fast in Heat-Related Medical Emergencies
Dr. Joe Alton on the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of hyperthermia.