Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Tear Down That Monument
Thomas DiLorenzo makes a Progressive case for demolishing the Lincoln Memorial.

Your Safe Deposit Box Isn’t Safe
Joseph T. Salerno on a lesson from Greece.

Will American Christians Resist the State?
Of course not. That’s their god.

Puritanical Collectivism
And wedding cakes. Article by William Norman Grigg.

Why JFK Was Murdered
He turned toward peace, and it cost him his life.

Stop Attacking the Cuban People
End US interventionism, says Ron Paul.

Wake-Up, People of the World
Greece will come to you…and soon, says Marc Faber.

Can a Part-Time Customer Outsmart a Full-Time Salesman?
Jerry Reynolds on 8 car-buying mistakes and how to avoid them.

Clueless on Any Gold In Fort Knox
Koos Jansen on a former US Mint Director.

They Came Before Columbus
A new history of ancient civilizations and their contacts with the Americas.

The Passwords We Never Change
Big trouble.

4 Decades of Government Lies
Dr. Joseph Mercola on how good fat is the key to weight management.