Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

Why the Left Always Gets Capitalism Wrong
Because they ignore Mises, says Gary North.

The US Has Occupied Germany Since WWII
Will that subservient nation ever get sick of its spying hegemon? Article by Eric Margolis.

Jim Grant on Gold’s Liquidation Sale
A vexing but wonderful opportunity.

Eroding Character
Paul Craig Roberts on the American people.

Immigrants Shouldn’t Vote
And that’s only the beginning, says Ryan McMaken.

The Attack on Sanctuary Cities
It’s aimed at decentralization and nullification, says James Miller.

Your Car Can Be Hacked
By private criminals or public ones, says Eric Peters.

Junk Silver
On its 50th birthday, we all need some, says Michael Finger.

The Case for Hate Speech
James Altschul on why we should appreciate it.

Are Deadly Germs Infesting Your Car?

Be an Old-School Gentlemen From Head-to-Toe
But beware of these 4 ugly dinner table habits.

Do You Crave Carbs?
Michael Ravensthorpe on 3 supplements that can put a stop to it.