Saturday, July 4, 2015

On Celebrating Dependence Day

-Butler Shaffer
I shall spend the remainder of this July 4th hiding beneath my bed, with as many pillows packed around me as I can find. I have not forgotten the important “duck-and-cover” strategy in which we were conditioned to protect us from Cold War-era nuclear attacks. I am ready for the impending “terrorist” attack that government officials and their media lackeys inform us is likely to occur, although they admit to a total lack of evidence of such a threat!

I am reminded of the warnings of a Nebraska state legislator who, at the height of the McCarthy crusades, told us that communists were embedded within the faculty of the state university. When told that there was no evidence to support his claim, he replied “the lack of evidence only shows how sinister and well-organized is their presence.”

The same thinking oozes forth from the mainstream media, with CNN being, perhaps, the principal advocate of the proposition. And with so many “security experts,” and “military advisors,” and other corporate-state functionaries brought out to remind us of just how threatening is darkness and the unseen, well, what else are intelligent people to do but trust in the warnings and judgments of those who can see what no one else can see? [Do you remember the fear you experienced in watching the Jaws movie, with only the accompanying music to inform you of the deadly menace waiting in the dark waters?]