Friday, July 3, 2015

Ron Paul on the Trouble With Trump

-Lew Rockwell
Is Trump a possible dictator? Yes, and as such, he would join the long parade of presidential Mussolinis. But I don’t think he can possibly be elected. Indeed, the regime might even roll out one of its lone-nut gunmen if such an outcome threatened. In the meantime, Trump makes trouble for the system.

50 years ago, the dictator Lyndon enacted a radically different immigration policy, with little debate.. To question it has been a hate crime, as we can see with the unfortunate Trump. But even he doesn’t ask this question: in welcoming peoples from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, why were Europeans banned?

It’s all a reminder that only Ron showed, and shows, absolutely no power lust. Instead, he leads by example, and like a great teacher or religious leader, simply shows others the right path. He would never use state power to coerce. Not only does he advocate freedom, he is the embodiment of it.