Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Breaking: Jesse Benton, John Tate Indicted

-Lew Rockwell
Jesse Benton, John Tate, and Dimitri Kesari are under federal indictment for bribing an Iowa state senator and other offenses such as obstruction of justice, lying to the FBI, and  conspiracy to create false documents to impede an anticipated investigation. Here’s the DOJ press release.

UPDATE Here’s the indictment.

UPDATE from the Guardian:
Ron Paul said in a statement: “I am extremely disappointed in the government’s decision. I think the timing of this indictment is highly suspicious given the fact that the first primary debate is tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those involved. I will not be commenting further on this matter at this time.”

Benton’s lawyer, Roscoe C Howard Jr, said he was “deeply disappointed” to learn of the indictment.

“Jesse Benton, a prominent conservative Republican, has cooperated with the government during its multi-year investigation,” he said. “That this indictment is now suddenly announced on the eve of the first Republican presidential debate strongly supports our belief that this is a politically motivated prosecution designed to serve a political agenda, not to achieve justice. Mr Benton is eager to get before an impartial judge and jury who will quickly recognize this for what he believes it is: character assassination for political gain.”