Saturday, August 29, 2015

Empires Always Fail: Ron Paul's Final Word

-Ron Paul
The worst part of the chaos of US foreign policy is that it is a threat to us, to our financial well-being, and to our liberty.

We’ve talked so often about the various groups that are fighting over in Syria and the Middle East. But the one thing that unifies all these groups is their anti-Americanism. There is a tremendous incentive for these people to resent our presence there. They’ll fight some other day over who will gain control, but right now they’re unified by anti-Americanism. Unfortunately, that is not good for us.

Someday, we should wake up and realize that the Founders were right: the less that we’re involved, the less entangling alliances that we’re engaged in, the more we depend on free markets and freedom and willingness to trade with people, the better off we’ll be.

Sanders’ Foreign Policy – Not Antiwar