Friday, August 7, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Unmasking Medical Falsehood
Bringing HIV/AIDS truth to light. Article by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD.

Hoppe’s Realistic Libertarianism
So brilliant I agree with virtually all of it.

What the Fed Is Going To Do to Us
And what could prevent it. Article by Bill Sardi.

Commodities Collapsing, Currencies Plunging
Will stock markets crash? Article by Gerald Celente.

The 70-year-old nuclear explosions not done yet. Article by David Swanson.

The Countries Most Likely To Default
And the 3 that won’t. Hint: the US is not one of them.

Entering the Nuclear Age
Body by body. Article by Susan Southard.

Shooting in Self-Defense
Beware of what you say to 911 and the cops, says Dean Weingarten.

Vitamin D
Can it help you lose weight?

The Oldest Discoveries of Their Kind
10 amazing record-breakers.

How Much Water Do You Use?
25 easy ways to conserve it, survive a drought, and be better prepared. Article by Daisy Luther.

Lose 62% More Fat?
Christina Sarich on the amino acid proven to do it.