Friday, August 21, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Overthrowing the Regime
Murray N. Rothbard on a strategy for the right.

Don’t Trust Anyone Running for Office
They’re all socialists, says Butler Shaffer.

Will Supplement Makers Now Have Free Speech?
To tell the truth about their cures? Article by Bill Sardi.

3 Great Satans of the Empire
And lions of the Hindu Kush. Article by Eric Margolis.

Mass Murderers We’ve Known
And voted for. Article by Jack Perry.

Nominee or Indictee?
Patrick J. Buchanan on Hillary.

The Nonexistence of Art
Pretty nearly, anyway, says Fred Reed.

Your Car Is a Rip-Off
Eric Peter’s on what the feds have wrought.

The Fed Is Bluffing About a 2015 Rate Hike
They’ll inject more morphine into the market, says Bill Bonner.

Suspend Consciousness for 10-20 Minutes
Boost memory and performance, revitalize yourself, with a power nap.

Joyriding Cop Held Liable for Killing Driver
It’s a dent in the expected perk of thin blue line immunity.

The Mystery Stone Egg of Lake Winnipesaukee
Unearthed in 1872, no one knows who made it, when, or why.