Monday, August 24, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

The Dogmatic Mosquito
6 reasons he’s a model for libertarians.

Black Monday?
Has the full-on market crash started? Article by Clive Maund.

$139 Million Concrete Monstrosity
The most expensive house in the US is built on false pretenses, says Bill Bonner.

The Sudden Market Plunge
Chris Martenson on making sense of it.

Ain’t It the Truth?
Theodore Dalrymple on morality, science, and weight loss.

Why Are Modern Cars So Tall, Heavy, and Ugly?
It’s the cloven hoof of the feds, of course. Article by Eric Peters.

‘One-Trick Pony’?
Robert Ringer on Trump vs. the establishment.

Economics Is Dead
And it is being killed again, says Per Bylund.

License To Prey
William Norman Grigg on a police chief.

Falling Asleep on the Plane
The ultimate guide.

What’s Really Making You Sick?
Dr. Joseph Mercola on the simple path to healing.

Things That Will Kill You
10 dangerous misconceptions.