Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Government Protection
William Norman Grigg on the prohibitive price.

Cash Is Making a Comeback
As people print their own, says Joseph T. Salerno.

The Latest To Invade Europe
Taki on migrants and other Greek problems.

Taking Down the Donald
Patrick J. Buchanan on Fox.

Oppose the Vaccine Program
D. Saul Weiner on a job for libertarians.

The Hiroshima Bombing
How it got a Hollywood makeover. Article by Greg Mitchell.

Remember the Fall of Rome?
The US can't be fixed, says Paul Rosenberg.

Crazed Egalitarianism
Jonathan Newman on what happened to a company fixated on equality.

Has Queen Nefertiti Been Found
Behind King Tut?

Another 9/11 Cover-Up?
The hidden 28 pages revealing Saudi participation.

10 Surprising Phobias
Of fearless leaders.

What Are Obesogens?
Edward Group on combating weight gain.