Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ron Paul and the Kochs

-Lew Rockwell
The Daily Beast thinks it’s a scandal that Ron spoke for the partially Koch-funded Young Americans for Liberty (and was cheered for his foreign policy of peace). YAL, formerly Students for Ron Paul, is a natural for Ron, who loves young people, and is loved by them. Ron has even spoken for the Kochs’ Students for Liberty, where he was also cheered. Note. the Kochs have been unfriendly to Ron since they discovered they were not willing to put his principles in their lockbox. Yet they appreciate him as an unparalleled attraction for students. The fact that Rand, who had aleady atttended one Kochfest, decided it was a waste of his time to attend another, has nothing to do with Ron. They are two separate people, after all.