Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Rothbard Reader

The Rothbard Reader

The Mises Institute has always had a secret weapon: Murray Rothbard. Compelling and persuasive, scholarly yet accessible, Murray wrote on the most important topics. To read Murray is to turn on a light bulb over your head, to have your life changed.

Murray produced a huge amount: twenty-five books and thousands of articles. That can be intimidating to students, and to business people, journalists, professionals, homemakers—everyone who should be studying liberty with the exhilaration Murray provides.

We’ve made everything free online at, but there is still the seeming problem of quantity. How to entice young people, and everyone, into the astounding world of Rothbard? Now we have it: The Rothbard Reader.

This sturdy, handsome, well-priced book is the best introduction to Rothbard ever, and thus to Austrian economics and libertarianism.

We’ve worked hard to make this book worthy of Murray and donors like you, and to make it the best introduction to his vast treasury of thought.

There is nothing else like this book. And what writing! You can take it to the beach. It fits in a university course, too. In this book are limned the laws of reality, standing brilliantly against the falsehoods of government, media, and academia. And it’s all so much fun!

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But we need your help to do it right, and distribute it widely. Your tax-deductible donation of any amount would be great. And if you can give $500 or more, you will be listed in this astounding work as a Benefactor. Help us bother all the statists, and inspire those who thirst for freedom, peace, and prosperity.

A small sample of what’s included:
  • egalitarianism as a revolt against human nature;
  • the discipline of liberty;
  • protectionism as the destruction of prosperity;
  • the danger of government medical “insurance”;
  • the minimum wage as the outlawing of jobs;
  • the economics of gun control;
  • the Fed, money, and inflation;
  • the power elite;
  • the vital importance of bank runs;
  • the truth about the Great Depression;
  • war, peace, and the state.