Friday, September 11, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Scientists Ignore Death
Perhaps they know that existence is not the wind-up clock they tell us it is, says Fred Reed.

The Judgement of History
On the US empire.

I’m Not Giving Up on China
It’s outperforming the US and other world markets, says Jim Rogers.

Civil Disobedience From the Right
Patrick J. Buchanan on Kim Davis vs. judicial tyranny.

Hey, Neocons
What IS a “conservative”? Article by Jack Kerwick.

Privateer Policing
Eric Peters on the latest trend in automated looting.

The Keynesian Chorus Is Cackling
Like Chicken Little, says David Stockman.

May a Boy in a Wig Use the Girls’ Bathroom?
David Cole listens to the other side.

For Rich Guys Only
The 187 mph SUV.

How To Cook Bacon
Master the most wonderful manfood.

4 Medicinal Mushrooms
Tess Pennington on powerful additions to your home pharmacy.

Do You Know Your Body’s pH?
Even mild acidosis can cause health problems.