Monday, September 14, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Are Neocons Losing Their Mojo?
If only. Article by Paul Gottfried.

Extravagant Displays of Sensibility
Never trust them, especially from politicians, says Theodore Dalrymple.

Free Trade Is Winning
Gary North on how and why.

How To End the Refugee Flood
First, stop US aggression. Article by Eric Margolis.

The Secret Cheney Op on 9/11
Explained by Peter Dale Scott.

US-NATO Killing and Destruction
And Europe’s migrant disaster. Article by Michael Scheuer.

Psychopaths Are Running the US
Former US Marine blows the whistle.

Mission Darn-Near Impossible
Jerry Reynolds on finding a reliable $5,000 used car.

World’s First Pentacontakaitetracopter Takes Flight
A guy in a modified lawn chair powered by a swarm of toy helicopters goes airborne.

Watch Your Commas and Typos
10 simple mistakes that cost millions.

$14,000 for a New Statin Drug?
Are we nuts? They’re a health disaster, says Dr. David Brownstein.

Sex, Skullduggery, and Swords
The iconic Flashman novels.