Monday, September 28, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Are You a Cultural ‘Neanderthal’?
Then the state is your bitter enemy, says Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Speaking Lies to Power
Francis addresses Congress.

Sell Gold for $42.22 an Ounce
Privative the stolen federal gold, says Gary Norh, for American taxpayers only.

Government Is a Death Machine
Incompetent, too. Walter Block remembers a dear friend.

Blah Humbug
Theodore Dalrymple on regime intellectuals.

Is the Next Fed Menace Helicopter Money?
Christoph Gisiger talks to Jim Grant on how to prepare.

Amidst the Immolation of VW
There’s a little good news, says Eric Peters.

Questions on the Actual Physical Supply
If you want to buy gold, now might be a good time, says Chris Martenson.

What Are the Best Bond Films Ever?
Vote all of them up or down, and see how many agree with you.

Where Did Punctuation Come From?
The Greeks, the Romans, the Church.

Want To Be Irresistible?
11 habits to cultivate.

The Cure With a Catch
Edward Group on how to minimize the bad effects of antibiotics.