Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Ann Coulter on Mass Migration
Dale Steinreich on where she’s right, and where she’s Republican wrong.

Happy Anniversary, America!
Jack Perry on 9/11.

The Christian Right Is Wrong
About Kentucky, says Andrew P. Napolitano.

My Ideologically Misguided Youth
And Conservatism, Inc. Article by Paul Gottfried.

It’s ZIRP Time in the Casino
Always, says David Stockman.

Migrant Crises To Worsen
Geopolitical and economic fallout to follow, says Gerald Celente.

Repudiate Your Government’s Debt
Simon Wilson to the Greeks. (Good advice for the Americans, too.)

The Era of the Throw-Away
Eric Peters on the escalating costs of major auto repairs.

Bad Outing for a Home Invader
Martial-arts expert disarms the perp, shoots him, and throws him in the swimming pool.

The Many Uses of Gold
Frank Holmes on a cautionary tale.

US Tries To Block Russian Humanitarian Aid
To Syria. Threats against other countries fail.

Did Fish Fuel the Colonization of North America?
Henry VIII’s fleet sailed 2,000 miles to catch cod.