Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Enemies of Freedom
Hans-Herman Hoppe on democracy, de-civilization, and the counter-culture.

Is the Pope a False Prophet?
Andrew P. Napolitano is worried.

The Fall of the American Empire
Hooray, says Jack Perry.

Christian Economics in One Lesson
Gary North has finished his book, and its free online.

The VW ‘Scandal’
Eric Peters on why the real problem is EPA insanity.

Reload Your Own Ammo?
5 very good reasons to start now.

Manly Skill for a Dirty Job
How to clean out your gutters. Article by Jeremy Anderberg.

Heroic Reistance to Green Tyranny
All hail VW, says James Delingpole.

Feed the Good, Fight the Bad
How to deal with bacteria.

10 Possible Ways To Die
When the SHTF. Nearly all are preventable, says Daisy Luther.

Go Fidget
It counteracts the bad effects of too much sitting.

Before You Party
Take these vitamins, says Dr. Joseph Mercola.