Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Don’t Talk About Racial Gaps, Disparities, Inequities
If you want to help the poor, says Thomas Sowell.

Pernicious Persecutors
The Department of Injustice’s war on the innocent. Article by William L. Anderson.

Factory Jobs Will Disappear
We should cheer, says Gary North.

New Inmates of the American Police State
John W. Whitehead on public-school kids.

Congress Downs More Martinis
As they crash the economy, says Ron Paul.

Goldman Sachs
Perp in the Fed’s war on savers. Article by David Stockman.

4th-Turning Crisis
In 2016?

The Fed Would be Insane to Raise Rates
Charles Hugh Smith on why.

How Long Will You Be Able to Get Gold Through Customs?
Joshua Krause on a step beyond government’s war on cash.

The Most Anticipated Move in Central Bank History?
Rate hike or not, this bull market has run its course, says Bill Bonner.

This Vitamin Deficiency Is Potentially Life-Threatening
Joseph Mercola on the causes, symptoms and how to get more B12.

Do You Know Fugu From Pho?
Take the ultimate foodie quiz.