Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Pope Francis, the Question Is Not Why Poverty
It’s why prosperity, and you don’t get it, says Thomas Sowell.

Old Testament Christians
Beware of them, says Laurence M. Vance.

Rick Perry’s Donors
What did they get for $17 million? Article by Gary North.

Idiotic or Dishonest?
Walter E. Williams on liberal reasoning.

Blame America?
No, blame neocons, says Ron Paul.

All Presidential Candidates Stand For War
Republicans and Democrats, says Paul Craig Roberts.

The Mystery of Maria
Taki on his first love.

6 Concealed-Carry Myths
Don’t follow bad and even dangerous advice.

Got Gout?
Dr. Victor Marchione on 14 natural remedies for pain.

10 Obscure Historical Events
That would make amazing movies.

2 Meals a Day Is Ideal
But which 2 is up to you, says Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Can You Breathe Yourself Slim?
Take the test.