Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

The Foreign Terrorist Lincoln Tried To Hire
To attack the South. Article by Thomas DiLorenzo.

Passion for Life vs. Lust for Power
Butler Shaffer on Planned Parenthood.

Government Medicine Is Going Down
Now we need anarcho-capitalist Hoppecare, says Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD.

Get Ready for Quantitative Tightening
It’s the highly problematic brother of QE, says Peter Schiff.

Will the Feds Confiscate Gold Again?
Given the history, it’s a very real possibility, says Mark O’Byrne.

Is There a Moral Argument for a ‘Living Wage’?
Don’t be ridiculous, says Ryan McMaken.

The Jealous, Bitter, Criminal US Empire
A true-to-life satire from John V. Walsh.

The Dumbification of America
It’s accelerating, says Tyler Durden.

9 Ways to Open a Bottle
Without an opener.

King Arthur Was a Scotsman
A lesson in revisionist history.

Medieval Dance Mania
April Holloway on mass hysterias through the years.

Defeat Those Free Radicals
Margaret Durst on how to retard the aging process.