Friday, October 9, 2015

Lew Rockwell- Friday Edition

Arrogance, Hubris, Impulsiveness, and Death
The US threatens the world, says Paul Craig Roberts.

Crash or a Long-Term Slide?
Marc Faber on what’s ahead.

America’s Laughable Military Officials
Covered in innocent blood. Article by Jack Perry.

Will Germany Set Off a Gold Run?
On the bars stored at the New York Fed. Article by Robert Wenzel.

Don’t Call Us a Stan!
Eric Margolis on Kazakhstan.

Why it feels like a Depression to most people. Article by Jim Quinn.

No More Affordable Diesels
Thanks, feds. Article by Eric Peters.

Trying to Lose Weight Like You Did in Your 20s?
Defy aging by outsmarting your fat hormones.

The Art of Making Smart Decisions
4 strategies of successful people. Article by Travis Bradberry.

34 Uses of Salt for Survival
Gaye Levy on many uses you may never have thought of.

Hunting Preserves for Psychopaths
Dr. Robert B. Young on gun-free zones.

A Surprising Way To Whiten Teeth Naturally
Tess Pennington on a wonderful alternative to toxic chemicals.