Monday, October 5, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Against Egalitarianism
The drive for equality is the enemy of freedom, prosperity, and civilization itself, says Lew Rockwell.

Can Putin Checkmate the Empire?
Eric Margolis on Syria and the US’s terrorists.

Killing Is the Answer
Jack Perry on what US government teaches children.

Bye, Bye Europe
It was nice while it lasted, says Gary North.

Emission of Guilt
Theodore Dalrymple on the assault on VW.

More QE, ZIRP, Bail-Ins, Pension Plunder
Clive Maund on why the fiat money system is a crime against humanity.

18 Things I Did That My Grandkids Can’t Do
Without someone getting arrested. Article by Jim Quinn.

Why the Secrecy and Silence? O
Ronan Manly on central banks and their gold storage arrangements.

Singer, Songwriter, Freemason
Bruce Robinson on why Jack the Ripper was protected by the cops.

Secrets of a Lost Civilization
Have finally been unearthed?

Why Are We Drugging the Elderly So Profoundly?
Because they’re the easiest target for BigPharma, says Christina Sarich.

Was There a City of Gold, Ruby, and Silver Mines?
Or did Canadian Indians fool Jacques Cartier and the French?