Monday, October 12, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Political Fools and Their Money
Don’t donate. Article by Gary North.

An Enemy of the Empire
Is he a friend?

If I Were Dictator
Fred Reed is kidding. I think.

Want To Buy a New Car at a Fair Price?
Eric Peters on 5 Jedi mind tricks to use on the salesman.

Want To Commit Financial Suicide?
Own a house, says James Altucher.

Explaining American PC
To a Martian. Article by Gavin McInnes.

How Much Longer Can High Housing Prices Last?
Spoiler alert: not much, says Charles Hugh Smith.

CIA Admits to a Little Fib
Because no one believes its massive lies on the murder of JFK.

Vaccines and Measles Death
And the media’s failure to inform. Article by Jeremy R. Hammond.

Coming: a Scary El Niño
An unprecedented downpour season is on the horizon, says Joshua Krause.

Can You Solve This Math Problem?
It brought some advanced math students to tears.

Men, Do You Put the Toilet Seat Down?
Good manners or gender unequality?